Creating a Pain Free World

Whether you require a one-off treatment or a longer course of action, at FlexiPets Physiotherapy, we make sure our clients play an active role in their recovery so they can remain pain-free once treatment ends.  Mobile physiotherapy service treating you and your pets in the comfort of your own home.


Finding The Tools You Need

An initial assessment is done when seeing a patient for the first time, after a long period, or after sustaining a new diagnosis/surgery.  A thorough assessment will be carried out to identify areas of tension, high/low muscle distribution and gait analysis.  A treatment plan will be formulated from these findings


Putting You First

It may be necessary for at least 1 follow up appointment after the initial assessment.  Follow up appointments will review treatment programmes and progress as appropriate


Keeping In Shape

Maintenance therapy sessions are those booked at your leisure for general wellbeing assessments and treatment, or pre/post competition for optimum performance and recovery

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