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Human Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can either be used for rehabilitation post injury or surgery, for maintenance of long term conditions, or for improving general wellbeing. Areas covered are as follows:

  • Musculoskeletal Injury - physiotherapy can help diagnose, treat and promote healing

  • Pre-operatively - physiotherapy can prescribe exercises to build on muscle strength for faster recovery post surgery

  • Post-operatively - each surgery is different, but you will often lose muscle strength through surgical incisions and reduced usage.  Physiotherapy can help expedite recovery, whilst using manual and/or electrotherapy to facilitate high quality healing for a more successful outcome. 

  • Poor mobility/falling - if you are finding your balance deteriorating with or without falls, physiotherapy can improve your mobility and reduce risk of falls.  Often after a period of illness, hospital stay/bed rest or with age, your muscles weaken and this can have a huge impact on your mobility.  Physiotherapy will complete a comprehensive falls assessment to find the underlying cause of the falls (whether it is mechanical or medical, i.e. low blood pressure/fainting) and prescribe an exercise programme if appropriate to improve strength and balance

  • Neurological - physiotherapy can help maintain and/or build on muscle strength for the management or rehabilitation of neurological conditions.  Although many neurological conditions are progressive and cannot be 'treated', physiotherapy can help reduce contractures and muscle wastage, and recovery post stroke.

  • Respiratory - management of long-term respiratory conditions such as COPD are usually overseen by a specialist respiratory team.  However, if you have a primary neuro/musculoskeletal problem and additionally struggling with management of shortness of breath or sputum clearance, advice and exercises can be given around this (any acute onset or sudden change in symptoms should be consulted with your GP)

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Will physiotherapy make me better?

That is entirely up to you! Many people see a physiotherapist and expect a massage, or for their bones to be 'put back in'.  Although massage and joint manipulations are a part of physiotherapy, they are very rarely a 'cure' and often not even used.  National guidelines are moving away from diagnosis of an exact condition, as truth be told many conditions present with similar symptoms and pain is so subjective, physiotherapists may have a good indication of the problem but it is impossible to know for sure without a scan - even then this may show problems that are non-painful when the problem is something entirely different.  Therefore, the initial assessment will consist of questioning around your problem, lifestyle and medical history, followed by a physical examination to identify the most likely cause and formulate a treatment plan.

The treatment plan will sometimes include massage, joint manipulations, electrotherapy and passive movements, but the main treatment is usually advice around managing and improving your condition, and exercises.  Another common phrase we hear is "the physio just gave me exercises".  To heal your body, you must work your body.  No matter how much treatment you have from the outside, the only way to truly make it better, is to treat it from the inside.  To improve the range of movement in a limb, you must move the limb.  To improve the strength in a muscle, you must use the muscle.  A physiotherapist has a high level of knowledge around healing processes and which exercises to do at which stage of healing, as well as identifying weak or tight muscle groups that may be the cause of your pain.  For physiotherapy to be successful, you must complete the exercises up to 3 times a day if they have been prescribed.

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Physiotherapy Assessment & Treatment (1-1.5 hours)


For appointments within a 10-mile radius of Romsey. There will be an additional charge of 60p per mile from 10-miles onwards.

Follow-up Treatment (45mins-1hour)


If you require further treatments for the same episode of injury.  There will be an additional charge of 60p per mile from 10-miles onwards.

Course of Ultrasound (15-20mins visits)


For facilitating the healing of tendons, ligaments, and acute muscle tears; a course of ultrasound may be recommended.  The price is for 7 sessions of therapeutic ultrasound. Additional charges for over a 10-mile radius of Romsey at 60p per mile.

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"I cannot recommend Poppy highly enough.  Last year I underwent surgery for breast cancer, including full auxiliary clearance to lymph nodes. This was followed by radiotherapy. The treatment has caused several complications, and as a result I have had severe pain in my right arm and shoulder, making it impossible for me to sleep properly and generally do the things I normally do, despite taking strong pain killers.

I recently had Poppy visit my home for treatment, and can honestly say, I wish I had contacted her sooner.

For the first time in months I have been virtually pain free and not had to take a single pain killer since. The care and attention to detail was second to none. Followed with after care advise and exercises to help.

Thankyou so much Poppy.

Poppy also treats my horse who is also just as happy with her treatment."

Clare Gray

"I had a trapped nerve in my back, poppy has done treatments on me and even after the first session it has helped massively!!! She recommended stretches that have really helped the healing process.

Very professional and just a genuinely lovely lady 10/10 highly recommend!!

Also she had a look and my dog who is very old and recommended things to help her support her back legs and that has also been a success!!!"

Amelia Swayne

"I have used Poppy for both myself and my horse recently. How wonderful to have a physio with the skills to treat both humans and animals!!

I highly recommend Poppy and what’s even better is you get a tailored treatment plan to follow.

Polite, professional, empathetic, kind, genuine and caring. I 100% intend to use flexipets in the future and would 100% recommend.

From a very happy horse and a pain free client."

Anna Hunt

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