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Sponsored Riders

FlexiPets Proudly sponsors the following riders; all of which have relatively new partnerships and it is so wonderful to be a part of their journeys.

Lauren Burchall

I purchased Joey in June 2021, he had just turned 4 and had been off the track for 2 months. He is the sweetest little chap who is always willing and obliging. He has a very trainable attitude and a very chilled outlook on life (sometimes a little too chilled!) We have been taking things slowly with him to give him the time to grown and mature. Dressage has been the main focus and he has been placed every time out, even qualifying for the BRC National Championships at his first ever qualifier in 2021. Joey has had the winter of 2022 off but is now back in work and we are eager to see what he can do in 2023. We are so lucky to have Poppy as our Sponsor, Joey loves her visits and she helps keep him soft, supply, comfortable and happy.

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Danielle Storer


Dorothy Mills


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